Tiny Nine-Axis Motion Sensor Targets Ultra-Low Power Apps

Tiny Nine-Axis Motion Sensor Targets Ultra-Low Power Apps
Bosch Sensortec

Heralded as the industry’s smallest nine-axis motion sensor, the BMX160 comes in a 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm3 package, making it desirable for a wide range of applications such as smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers, smart jewelry, and augmented- and virtual-reality devices. Integrating the company’s advanced accelerometer, gyroscope, and geomagnetic sensor technologies, the BMX160 is able to meet the stringent low-power requirements demanded by wearable devices. With a power consumption below 1.5 mA, the sensor enables Android wearable applications relying on sensor data such as device orientation, magnetic heading, or the gravity vector. Other features include a built-in power management unit and ultra-low power background application features. Samples are available for development partners. A datasheet is available at https://ae-bst.resource.bosch.com/media/_tech/media/product_flyer/Bosch_Sensortec_Product_Flyer_BMX160.pdf  

Bosch Sensortec
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