Tiny Hall Sensors from Infineon Technologies

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Infineon Technologies AG

The TLE496x Hall bipolar switches, latches, and unipolar switches from Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany, are intended for automotive and industrial applications that require high precision, low energy consumption, and compact devices. The sensors are housed in SOT23 packages; draw <1.6 mA; and have an operating voltage up to 32 V; enhanced turn-on, reset, and turn-off characteristics; and protective functions. The TLE4961-x series consists of latches with a switching threshold of ±2 mT to ±15 mT; the TLE4964-x series are unipolar switches with a switching threshold of 2.5/3.5 mT to 22.5/28 mT, and the TLE4968-x series of bipolar switches have low magnetic thresholds (sensitivity of ±1 mT). Applications include position measurement, brushless motor commutation, and index counting.

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Company: Infineon Technologies AG
Country: Germany

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