Tiny 16-bit ADCs from Linear Technology

Tiny 16-bit ADCs from Linear Technology
Linear Technology Corp.

Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, CA, offers the LTC2460 and LTC2462 16-bit ΔΣ ADCs that integrate a precision reference in a 3 by 3 mm DFN package. Features include single 2.7–5.5 V supply operation; 2 ppm/°C typ., 10 ppm/°C max. integrated reference; ability to measure single-ended (LTC2460) or differential (LTC2462) sensors via an SPI serial interface; 1 LSB typ. integral nonlinearity error; 2.2 µVrms transition noise; 0.25% gain error max.; an internal oscillator; and up to 60 conversions/s. After each conversion the ADC enters shutdown mode, drawing <1.5 mA. Sleep mode current is <2 µA.

Contact Info

Company: Linear Technology Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-432-1900 x2419

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