Tilt Sensors Prevent Heavy Equipment From Falling Over

Tilt Sensors Prevent Heavy Equipment From Falling Over

The MTLT series inclination and tilt sensors target a wide range of static and dynamic applications in construction and industrial markets such as boom tilt monitoring, bucket loader roll back protection, and PV/CSP solar tracking systems. Samples of the first three family members in MTLT series, the MTLT110S-R, MTLT105S-R and MTLT105D-R are currently available for evaluation. All three are IP67 rated inclinometers with an integrated RS-232 interface and flying lead cable operating from a 9V to 32V single supply. The MTLT105S and MTLT110S are designed for applications needing less than 0.5º and less than 1º accuracy, respectfully, over the full operating temperature range. MTLT sensors also include programmable tilt alarms that can be programmed to be triggered when the tilt exceeds a specified threshold. The tilt alarm can also be used to lock out controls or trigger an alarm or warning light. For more details, go to http://www.memsic.com/tilt-sensors

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