Tilt Sensor and Switch from Semaj Design

Tilt Sensor and Switch from Semaj Design
Semaj Design LLC
The TMD-200 from Semaj Design LLC, Stoneham, MA, is a customer-configurable tilt angle sensor and switch that is suitable for use as a safety tilt switch for all types of man lifts. Configurable as either a dual- or single-axis device, each axis has an independently settable trip angle. The device generates an alarm signal that can drive a relay when a user-defined threshold angle is exceeded. A hysteresis angle, which you can set between 0.1–1.5 arc-degrees, prevents the alarm signal from rapidly changing states when operating at the trip angle; averaging the trip angle reduces or eliminates false alarms.

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Company: Semaj Design LLC
Phone number: 781-572-1078
Fax: 781-413-0199

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