Tiger Optics Launches New Continuous Cleanroom Analyzer

Warrington, PA -- Tiger Optics LLC, a leading manufacturer of laser-based trace-gas analyzers, announced at SEMICON West 2008 the launch of its flagship product for cleanroom applications, the Tiger-i. With absolute accuracy and immediate, calibration-free analysis, the Tiger-i line of analyzers provides a superior approach to monitoring cleanroom ambient air for gas phase airborne molecular contaminants, which increasingly compromise manufacturing process quality and yield. Joining the award-winning line of Tiger Optics' analyzers, the Tiger-i line uses Tiger Optics' exclusively patented Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW-CRDS).


The Tiger-i line measures into parts-per-trillion levels of trace hydrofluoride (HF) and hydrochloride (HCl) gases, which combined with ammonia or amines, can lead to contamination and overall quality breakdown. The built-in reference cell and automated tune function of the Tiger-i provides 99.9% uptime without calibration, consumables, or maintenance. By enabling manufacturers to quickly and reliably correlate events, such as tool issues, chemical spills, material outgassing, and even loadlock openings, process yields can be continuously optimized for maximum business value.

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"Keeping its eye on the needs of the cleanroom market, Tiger Optics has revolutionized the industry's approach to ambient air measurement," said Lisa Bergson, CEO of Tiger Optics. "The cleanroom industry, through the Tiger-i, can better achieve maximum uptime and yield and look forward to continued growth in the potential of CW-CRDS technology."


The Tiger-i cleanroom analyzer is currently available in two platforms for optimal service, the Tiger-i 1000 and the Tiger-i 2000. The Tiger-i 1000 HF and HCl analyzers employ a split architecture that allows users to place sensor modules up to 50 m away from the central analyzer, and is based on the extensive success of our LaserTrace line of analyzers. The Tiger-i 2000 HF and HCl analyzers provide a compact, integrated architecture for enhanced analysis with a smaller footprint, and is based on the award-winning HALO line of mini-CRDS analyzers. Tiger Optics ensures the quality of the Tiger-i line and all of its analyzers through its recently announced International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 certification. For more details, visit Tiger Optics


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