TI gives engineers the power to innovate industrial systems

Texas Instruments unveils several innovative system reference designs that include the company's most advanced analog and embedded processing technologies. Supporting a range of system requirements from high voltage to ultra-low power, TI Designs reference designs give engineers the "Power to Innovate" with breakthrough technology for industrial systems.

New reference designs include:
• GaN-based power system designs -- from AC to processor
• The industry's first end-to-end high-frequency gallium nitride (GaN) power solution efficiently manages power from AC to point-of-load in space-constrained industrial, telecom and networking applications. Achieving a 3x power density as compared to existing solutions, TI shows off four separate reference designs based on its LMG5200 80-V, 10-A integrated GaN FET power stage and LMG3410 high-voltage GaN power stage solutions. For more information, read the blog, "Rethink compute density with GaN."
• 480-W bi-directional power conversion for energy storage
• The new Ultra-Compact, Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter reference design is capable of delivering 480W/in3 with 97 percent efficiency in local energy storage (LES) and lithium battery back-up power applications, specifically for server power supply units. The (1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch) reference design is based on a two-phase interleaved half-bridge power stage controlled by TI's UCD3138A digital power controller.
• Smart thermostat 24-V AC power stage
• An Ultra-Low Iq, 24-V AC Power Stage reference design takes advantage of a wide input range voltage converter and battery fuel gauge to optimize smart thermostat, video doorbells and gateway systems used in building. The design features TI's new LM5166 synchronous buck converter with a maximum input voltage of 65 V to help HVAC systems withstand transients, and a low quiescent current of less than 10 uA to maximize light-load efficiency.
• PoE for industrial LED lighting for smart buildings

Extending its expertise in Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, TI introduced an IEEE 802.3bt-compliant, PoE-enabled LED lighting ballast demonstration with power and data path features. The reference design helps engineers intelligently manage LED ballasts over Ethernet to light industrial automation designs, and maintain low power consumption during standby.

EV Charging, USB-Type C and more
In addition to the GaN-based and smart power designs, TI is demonstrating reference designs focused on faster and cooler electric vehicle charging, USB-Type C applications and isolation technology based on the new ISOW7841 for protection relay and smart grid applications. Visit the blog post, "The power to innovate industrial designs," for more details of TI power designs for industrial systems.

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