Thyristor Safeguards CVBS Signal Lines

Littelfuse’s PxxxxS4xLRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor is designed to protect Composite Video Blanking Sync (CVBS) signal lines and ports from overvoltage transients. The combination of 6V operating voltage and 100A 5/310µs surge peak current capability and a low junction capacitance rating make the P0080S4BLRP viable for protecting a wide range of equipment.


According to the company, the components provide a compact, surface-mount solution that simplifies PCB layout. Typical applications include:

  • TV/camera CVBS cables
  • data communications
  • Set Top Boxes (STBs)
  • RS-485, RS-232 data lines
  • CAN Bus

Features include an operating voltage of 6V with 100A 10/700 µS, 4-kV surge peak current capability, and junction capacitance of < 30 pF.  The PxxxxS4xLRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor is available in SOD-123FL packaging in tape and reel format in quantities of 3,000. Additional information is available on the PxxxxS4xLRP Series SIDACtor Protection Thyristor product page and, for hardcore specs and data, you can checkout the datasheet.

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