Three Reasons You Should Buy This Fitness Band

SEATTLE, WA -- Pivotal Corporation announces the launch of its membership-driven Pivotal Living app and corresponding Life Tracker 1 wristband. Founded with the belief that personal technology can make life not only better, but healthier, Pivotal Living products strive to make health and wellness information accessible to everyone.

"We didn't set out to bring just another product offering to the wearables market," states David Donovick, co-founder and CEO for Pivotal Corporation. "With the development of Pivotal Living, we set out to change the marketplace entirely."

With perfect stocking-stuffer pricing, clear and easy-to-read displays and a commitment to members' privacy, Pivotal Living is poised to become an easy everyday choice for anyone seeking to make more informed decisions about their lifestyle. Specifically, Pivotal Living is:

• Affordable: Smarter health now costs less than three grande lattes. The Pivotal Living app and corresponding Life Tracker 1 band retail for $12, a fraction of the price of most competing bands.
• Beautifully & Intuitively Designed: No more complicated blinking dots or constant need to access your mobile phone for a progress update. The Life Tracker 1 is one of the few bands on the market with an OLED screen, which clearly displays calories burned, steps, distance, percentage of step goal, time of day, and activity or sleep mode – all with a touch of a button.
• The Pivotal Living app is elegant, colorful and easy to navigate, providing your progress and tracking your activities with each sync. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the mobile app also offers ingenious social networking which allows members to compare stats, create custom teams and compare their progress to friends, families, colleagues and even celebrities.
• Protective of Your Privacy: We believe your details are your details, and you should decide who can see them – and who can't. Pivotal Living members have control over their data, including what information is shared with friends, family, colleagues and other Pivotal Living community members. Additionally, the Pivotal Living app connects to the Life Tracker 1 through a manual push, only connecting when you choose and limiting tracking access by outside companies.

"Staying healthy and informed can be complicated and expensive," continues Donovick. "We want to take both of those factors out of the equation, and are proud to be introducing a new technology and a new pricing structure to the marketplace with Pivotal Living."

Creating simple, approachable and affordable technology, Pivotal Corporation's Pivotal Living application will be supported by a family of wellness-driven products to inspire and encourage healthy living. Software is at the heart of the company's model, offering a robust feature set and personalized analytics for a low $12 annual membership. Currently, the Pivotal Living app tracks:

•Calories Burned
•Sleep Length
•Total Steps
•Sleep Quality
•Daily Active Time
•Percentage Met of Daily Goals

The sleekly designed Life Tracker 1 band collects information on daily activities and sends it, via a manual wireless push, to the mobile app to provide real-time wellness reporting. With the press of a single button, cycle through daily progress on the band's OLED display screen to view activity time, distance, percentage of goal met, caloric burn, mode, battery life, sleep time, time of day and alarm time. Together, the app and the band encourage smart lifestyle choices and offers easy access to the Pivotal Living community.

"We believe change comes with choice," said Eli Almo, a long-time advocate for healthy living, and the co-founder and chairman for Pivotal Corporation. "If we give people the right tools and information, they can lead longer, healthier and happier lives."

The Pivotal Living app and wristband are available for purchase online at  and if purchased before Dec. 10, Pivotal Living guarantees shipping prior to the holidays.

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