Three-Axis Magnetometer Breakout Board Suits Wide Range Of Users

PNI Sensor introduces the PNI 3-Axis magnetometer breakout board for developers, hobbyists and makers wanting to evaluate a high-quality magnetic sensor and prototype their designs at a low cost. The board includes PNI’s RM3100 3-axis geomagnetic sensors and MagI2C ASIC controller mounted on a PCB, to provide a complete magnetic-field sensing module. It incorporates both I2C and SPI interfaces for system design flexibility. This breakout board easily connects to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller boards. The cornerstone of the breakout board is PNI’s RM3100 geomagnetic sensor, which is the highest-performance magnetic sensor in its class. The RM3100 incorporates proprietary magneto-inductive technology that has more than 30 times the sensitivity of other magnetic sensors and is stable over temperature fluctuations.


The PNI 3-Axis Magnetometer Breakout Board is available now for $20. For more info, visit