Thin-Film Power Generators from Nextreme

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Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.

The eTEGT PG8000 Series thin-film thermoelectric power generators from Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc., Durham, NC, harvest waste heat from thermal sources and convert it into electricity for self-powered applications in the wireless sensor, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and medical device markets. The series includes 5 modules that produce between 2.7 mW to 21.6 mW of output power and open-circuit voltages of 0.17 V to 1.35 V at a temperature differential of 10 K. At a 50 K temperature differential, the series can produce 65 mW to 520 mW of power and open-circuit voltages of 0.85 V to 6.8 V. You can configure them in series to produce higher-output voltages.

Contact Info

Company: Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 919-597-7300
Fax: 919-597-7301

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