THIEVES BEWARE: New System to Protect & Track Outboard Engines

YOUGHAL, Ireland -- The leading security system manufacturer for luxury boats and super yachts, BoatWarden, announces the launch of their brand new system, Outboard Warden, which will secure and protect outboard engines at the London Boat Show in London, United Kingdom, January 8, 2016.

Outboard Warden is the latest product to come from Engineer, Inventor and Founder of BoatWarden, Kevin Hennessey, and he has been perfecting his system for a number of years: "Police, marine insurers and boat owners confirm engine thefts are on the increase and thieves are getting bolder, but Outboard Warden will put a serious dent in their criminal activities," according to Hennessey.

The Outboard Warden, which is patent pending, has two units that must remain within a given proximity of each other. The instant they are parted, an alert is triggered and the alarm raised over the mobile network. GPS tracking data is used to assist the owner and authorities in catching the crooks and recovering the equipment.

Intentionally designed by Hennessey to be a 'set-and-forget' system, Outboard Warden's proximity alert is more responsive than a geo-fence and is more efficient use of battery power to provide always-on 24/7 monitoring. Outboard Warden also has comprehensive anti-tamper features, which will seriously hamper the more determined criminals when they discover them!

"The system can be used to protect any valuable equipment on board, like jet-skis, tenders, ribs and scuba gear," says Kevin. "By discouraging crooks, we aim to help boat owners reduce their premiums, cut out the hassle and increase their peace of mind."

Outboard Warden is simple to use and easy to fit:
* It comes with an app in both the Android and Apple stores
* The batteries are rechargeable and will even ask to be charged!
* It may be used to protect any valuable equipment - including:
cars, trailers, motorbikes and quads, but was invented to protect outboard engines

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