Thermoplastic Sizing Systems Supports Range Of Conversion Steps

Thermoplastic Sizing Systems Supports Range Of Conversion Steps

AGY unveils a range of S-2 Glass and E-Glass yarns complete with thermoplastics in compatible sizes for use in woven fabrics and a range of other conversion steps. They employ a sizing system tailored to achieve the optimum bond between the fibers and the thermoplastics while allowing the use of fibers in traditional glass fiber conversion processes. The sizing systems work with a wide range of polymer chemistries. They are available on a range of fiber diameters and are suitable for high-temperature resin systems such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPS as well as engineering resins like PA 6, PA6.6, PA11, PA12, PC, and PBT. Sizing is available on E-Glass and S-2 Glass yarns as well as existing systems for ZenTron rovings, S-2 Glass assembled rovings, and chopped glass fiber formats.

Aiken, SC

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