Thermocouple Data Logger Rides The USB

Thermocouple Data Logger Rides The USB
Lascar Electronics Inc.

The EL-GFX-TC standalone thermocouple datalogger communicates via the USB and is capable of measuring and storing up to 252,000 temperature readings. Processing data from a single J, K, or T-type thermocouple input, information is resolved to the nearest 0.1 digit. Via a high-contrast graphic LCD, the unit provides real-time analysis of readings either as a data summary (showing highest and lowest readings and alarm conditions) or as a trend graph that updates as new data is added. Other features include three buttons to navigate through an on-screen menu that provides access to the real-time data in trend or summary format. The EL-GFX-TC is available now at a price of $155 each. For further information, visit

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