Thermocouple DA Module from NI

Thermocouple DA Module from NI
National Instruments

The NI 9123 from National Instruments, Austin, TX, is a 16-channel thermocouple input module for the company's C Series DA platform. The module features built-in cold-junction compensation, 24-bit ADC for up to 0.02°C measurement sensitivity, high-speed mode for sampling up to 1200 sps (aggregate), 250 Vrms channel-to-earth ground safety isolation, an autozero channel for offset error compensation, and support for type J, K, T, E, N, B, R, and S thermocouples. You can use up to 8 modules in a CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis or deploy the module in any of the USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi carriers for C Series signal conditioning modules.

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