Thermocouple Adaptor Boosts DAQ-System Performance

Thermocouple Adaptor Boosts DAQ-System Performance
Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) Inc.

Making it easier for SLICE data-acquisition system users to measure temperature, acceleration, force, pressure, and angular rates. The company offers a plug-n-play THA Thermocouple Adaptor. Using a standard miniature thermocouple connector and sensor ID, the adapter makes connecting Type K thermocouples to SLICE NANO, SLICE MICRO and SLICE PRO data acquisition systems simple. Signals from all parameters are stored in a single, easy to access SLICE data file. Additionally, the THA Thermocouple Adaptor measures 2.5 mm x 19 mm x 100 mm. For more info, go to  

Diversified Technical Systems
Seal Beach, CA
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Company: Diversified Technical Systems (DTS) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 562-493-0158

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