Thermal Imaging Engine Sports New Uncooled Microbolometer Technology

DALLAS /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems—Infrared Technologies Division, a unit of DRS Technologies, Inc., announced the product launch of the M6000 and E6000 uncooled thermal imaging engine and module. DRS's M6000 and E6000 are the first 640- by 480-pixel thermal imaging engine and module with a 25-micron pitch—a "first of its kind" product, representing a significant advancement in the developing uncooled infrared technology marketplace.

"DRS's M6000 and E6000 are totally unique and unmatched in technology in today's market, and we are very excited about the release of these products," said James M. Baird, president of DRS's Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition business. "Entering the market with this breakthrough technology is a testament to the technical superiority of the team at the Infrared Technologies Division. The technical advancement embodied in these products is what makes us the established leader in uncooled microbolometer technology."

The M6000 and E6000 use the market-preferred VOx microbolometer technology and provide the highest resolution available in thermal imaging at a 30 Hz frame rate. Measuring only two inches in diameter, the M6000 is well suited for applications requiring minimal space, small packaging, high resolution, and strong performance. The E6000 has low power requirements and offers a variety of lens selections, making it ideal for commercial applications where image clarity is a top priority.

DRS's Infrared Technologies Division, a leader in focal plane array technology for uncooled and cooled thermal imaging systems, provides advanced electro-optical solutions for military soldier systems and airborne, maritime, and commercial applications supporting industrial, security, public safety, and firefighting markets.

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