Thermal Imaging Core Eases FPA Integration

Thermal Imaging Core Eases FPA Integration
FLIR Systems Inc.

Poised for volume OEM apps, FLIR Systems’ latest thermal imaging core, dubbed Muon, is designed for integrating uncooled FPAs into camera designs. The core is described as a thermal subassembly that generates calibrated CMOS video out using industry-standard interfaces. It is calibrated for TEC-less operation, eliminating the need to develop elaborate factory calibration equipment or processes. Muon is a thermal engine operating on standard imaging device power and communication protocols. It is based on the company’s 17µ pitch Vandium Oxide (VOx) 640x512 or 336x256 FPAs, offers frame rates from 9 Hz to 60Hz, and has a form factor of 22 mm x 22 mm x 6 mm with a mass of less than 5g. Depending on configuration, power consumption is less than 300 mW. To learn more, visit

FLIR Systems Inc.
Wilsonville, OR

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