Thermal Imaging Camera Extends Resolution And Lens Options

Thermal Imaging Camera Extends Resolution And Lens Options
LumaSense Technologies Inc.

Designed for industrial process control and monitoring, t he next generation of LumaSense’s line of infrared thermal imagers offers 640 x 480 resolution imaging for long wave infrared applications. Producing better images and temperature measurement to within ±2 °C, the MCL640 thermal imager resolution is four times greater than the camera it replaces and it also offers expanded lens options. Additionally, the camera can be ordered with a number of environmental enclosures for safe operation in the harshest environments. The Vortex Cooled (VC) enclosure is a heavy-duty housing that can be used for a wide range of industrial applications including steel and paper mills, refineries, and automotive parts production. The enclosure accommodates an air purge for use in classified hazardous areas in petrochemical applications. For more details, visit

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