Thermal Imagers Integrate Visible-Light Camera

Fluke Process Instruments’ ThermoView TV40 thermal imagers with an integrated visible-light camera are designed for fixed installation. The series is groomed for iron foundries where the imagers check temperatures of molten metal and monitor ladles to ensure that the refractory lining is intact. Users can define various areas of interest with distinct alarm conditions.


Fluke’s analysis software promises easy traceability for each melt. The Datapaq Furnace Tracker based on the Datapaq TP3 data logger with up to 20 measurement channels enables furnace surveys according to NADCAP AMS 2750E and CQI-9. The systems include analysis and reporting software, thermocouples, and thermal barriers for maximum protection at high temperatures up to 1200 °C. They are also used for in-process product temperature profiling. For deeper insights and specs, checkout the TV40 datasheet.

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