Thermal Flow Switch Provides Trend Indication For Water-Based Liquids


KOBOLD’s KAL-K thermal flow switch utilizes the company’s temperature compensating electronics. These compact, one-piece units provide reliable readings largely unaffected by temperature or physical characteristics of a wide variety of water-based process liquids. This breakthrough is made possible using state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.


The microprocessor can be field calibrated to the users’ liquid properties and operating range in a simple, five-minute set-up procedure. This intelligence, coupled with a “no moving parts” design, make the KAL-K a superior performer in many tough flow switching applications. To further enhance the versatility of the KAL-K, it is offered with a NPT or a 3-A compliant Tri-clamp fitting.


The thermal flow switch incorporates an eight-segment bar-graph LED flow trend indicator and one flow alarm setpoint. The setpoint is fully configurable as NPN, PNP, normally-open or normally-closed. For more revelations and insights, peruse the KAL-K datasheet and KAL-K user manual.