Textronics Develops Transmitter for Heart-Rate Monitoring Fabrics

WILMINGTON, DE /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Textronics Inc. has developed a new transmitter for use with the stretchy-fabric electrode sensors that are knit into the company's NuMetrex-brand heart-rate monitor fitness apparel.

The new transmitter snaps into a tiny pocket in NuMetrex sports bras and shirts, where it receives the heart rate signal from textile sensors located across the chest band area. The data is then transmitted to a watch or exercise machine that displays a read-out of the heart rate. The NuMetrex system is compatible with most analog heart-rate monitor watches, including Polar, Nike, Reebok, Oregon Scientific, New Balance, Highgear, and Accumen models, as well as gym-quality treadmills and elliptical machines.

"By replacing the conventional hard-plastic electrodes with soft, flexible textile sensors that are knit directly into the fabric of our clothing, we are able to offer the most comfortable heart-rate monitors on the market," says Textronics CEO Stacey Burr. "Now, with the development of our own transmitter, we can also provide improved accuracy and compatibility with many different brands of watches. This makes our comfortable solution accessible to more people."

The NuMetrex transmitter is built using technology that was designed specifically to meet performance needs created in a textile environment.

"When it comes to heart-rate monitoring, comfort and accuracy can work against each other. Fabric sensors stretch and move with the body, which makes them super comfortable but potentially confusing to existing transmitters," explains lead developer Brian Wheeler.

The new transmitter smartly sorts through feedback to bring accurate data to the wearer. It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably against the sternum without rubbing.

To order online, obtain product information, or view a list of compatible heart-rate monitor watches, visit NuMetrex.

About Textronics
Textronics Inc. is a leader in the development of wearable sensors for fitness and health monitoring. The company's textile sensor systems are capable of capturing comprehensive physiologic data from the body—including heart rate, respiration, body temperature, skin condition, and blood oxygenation—and are designed to be seamlessly integrated into everyday garments. Textronics sells sensor components and markets its own line of clothes for personal monitoring under the brand name NuMetrex.

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