Texas Instruments expands smart grid leadership with G3-PLC™ certification

DALLAS, TX -- Texas Instruments has achieved certification of its power line communication (PLC) reference designs from the G3-PLC™ Alliance. As a long-time executive member of the alliance, TI has advanced and promoted G3-PLC technology for applications in the smart grid worldwide. This certification means smart grid technology providers can be assured of compliance and interoperability when they choose TI's system solution for G3-PLC applications.

The reference designs for meter end points (PEER) from the TI Designs library have achieved G3-PLC Alliance platform certification for both the CENELEC A frequency band and the ARIB frequency band. The TI reference design for PLC data concentrators (PANC) has also achieved certification for the CENELEC A band.

"TI is committed to providing reliable PLC solutions, and receiving G3-PLC platform certification is a testament to the conformance, performance and interoperability of our solution," said Andrew Soukup, marketing manager, Smart Grid & Energy Systems team, TI. "By having our solution certified by the G3-PLC Alliance, we are making it easier for our customers to get to market quickly."

Features and benefits of TI's flexible PLC modem solutions:

• Based on TI's proprietary system-on-module (SOM) hardware designs that incorporate all of the necessary PLC modem circuitry, along with a PLC docking station that includes the circuitry required to couple the modem to the AC mains.
• Small form factor PLC modules enable rapid prototyping of PLC networks; available for purchase separately so developers can customize PLC systems to meet the needs of smart grid customers.
• The TMDSPLCKITV4-CEN kit supports CENELEC A (35 kHz to 91 kHz) or CENELEC B (98 kHz to 122 kHz) frequency bands in Europe using TI's C2000™ TMS320F28PLC84 microcontroller (MCU) and AFE031 PLC analog front end.
• The TMDSPLCKITV4-ARIB kit supports the ARIB frequency band (154 kHz to 403 kHz) in Japan using TI's C2000 F28M35H52 MCU and AFE032 PLC analog front end.
• The TMDSDC3359 data concentrator EVM supports the CENELEC A frequency in its standard configuration and can easily be upgraded to support the ARIB frequency band.

Pricing and availability:

Developers interested in evaluating TI's PLC solutions can purchase the TMDSPLCKITV4 kit for ARIB and CENELEC bands for USD $499 from TI's eStore or authorized distributors. The TMDSDC3359 kit can be also be purchased for USD $699 from TI's eStore or authorized distributors.

For more details, visit:

Getting started with TI's smart grid and PLC solutions:
• TI's smart grid solutions: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/apps/smartgrid/applications.page?DCMP=g3plc&HQS=gma-indu-gsg-sgplc-g3plc-pr-lp2-en
• Discover TI's power line communication solutions and TI Designs: http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/apps/smartgrid/plcmodem/overview.page?DCMP=g3plc&HQS=gma-indu-gsg-sgplc-g3plc-pr-lp1-en
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• Learn more at http://www.ti.com/smartgrid

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