Test, Measurement Software from Measurement Computing

Test, Measurement Software from Measurement Computing
Measurement Computing Corp.

DASYLab 10 from Measurement Computing Corp., Norton, MA, is the latest version of the company's graphical programming environment for test and measurement. The new features include: the Diagram module for manipulation and display of time domain data, which supports multiple y-axes, lets you freely assign signals to each y-axis, comparison of signals, and the ability to define the offset; module benchmarking to measure and record execution times of individual modules in a test program to identify bottlenecks; and a user-defined order of actions. It also offers an improved OPC driver, FFT-and FFT-related functions, sequencer support of HTML file export, and the ability to import and export global variables and strings automatically at measurement start and stop.

Contact Info

Company: Measurement Computing Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-946-1000
Fax: 508-946-9500

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