Test Enclosure Reduces Noise During Thermal Testing

The ECO Quiet Cap enclosure from inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) is said to provide a 55% reduction in the noise caused by forced air during electronics thermal cycling. Electronics testing often requires concentrated air flow to rapidly transition components to specified temperature in a test enclosure. The ECO Quiet Cap connects to the ThermoStream’s air nozzle to reduce the noise and isolate test subjects.


In addition to noise reduction, the component has a built-in twist lock for quick connect and disconnect. Previous generations of thermal caps required hardware and tools to connect. Designed specifically for -100°C to +225°C applications, the enclosure will be shipped standard with high capacity ThermoStream models including: ATS Series 545/645, 710/810, 730/830, 750/850, and ECO Series 710/810. The ECO Quiet Cap will also be available as a retrofit to older model ATS and TP0 Series ThermoStream systems. For more details, visit inTEST Thermal Solutions, call 781-688-2300, and/or email [email protected].

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