Tessera Licenses Consumer Optics Technologies to Nemotek

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Tessera Technologies Inc., a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, announced that it has licensed its OptiML wafer-level camera (WLC) technology and SHELLCASE wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) solutions to Nemotek S.A. The combination of these consumer optics technologies enables Nemotek to offer a full range of cost-efficient camera solutions from wafer-level packaging of image sensors and wafer-level lenses to fully integrated camera modules.

Nemotek is the first company to license both the OptiML and SHELLCASE technologies from Tessera. With these solutions, it will provide image sensor packaging services and camera module design and assembly for applications including mobile phones, laptop computers, security, and automotive devices.

"By leveraging the complete suite of wafer-level camera technologies from Tessera, Nemotek is positioned to be a broad-based supplier of camera solutions for the mobile phone market," said Michael Bereziuk, Chief Operating Officer, Tessera. "Morocco's close ties to the industry's leading mobile phone vendors, as well as their close proximity to the European business community, will enable Nemotek to drive further adoption of Tessera's OptiML and SHELLCASE technologies, enabling the next-generation of wafer-level consumer optics solutions."

Nemotek is a recently established company based in Morocco and led by Mohamed Lasry, the former chairman of STMicroelectronics-Morocco, who was brought on as chief executive officer to help drive the company's vision.

"This is the beginning of a long partnership with Tessera, as their industry-leading technologies will not only enable Nemotek to be a key player within next-generation wafer-level optic technologies, but also supports the Moroccan strategy to become a leading region for knowledge and innovation," said Mohamed Lasry, Chief Executive Officer, Nemotek. "This agreement, combined with Morocco's unique advantages, including cost competitiveness and a large world-class skill pool, will enable us to play a key role within the electronics industry."

Nemotek expects to begin volume shipments of its Tessera technology-based offerings in January 2009, with capacity plans for more than 150 million wafer-level camera units and 250,000 image sensor wafers per year.

OptiML WLC technology and SHELLCASE wafer-level packaging technology are both available for licensing from Tessera.

About OptiML
OptiML WLC technology provides an ideal camera solution for mobile phone applications. The technology uses wafer-level techniques to build thousands of lenses on a wafer at the same time, then align and bond multiple lens wafers without the need for costly manual focusing. Once bonded, the wafers are diced into individual optical modules, which are mounted on packaged image sensors. By using reflow-compatible materials, the OptiML WLC technology-based modules can be mounted directly onto the phone board using the same reflow process used to assemble other electronics. This results in lower labor costs, part counts, and cycle times when incorporating the camera into the phone.

SHELLCASE WLCSP technology provides high-yield, highly reliable manufacturing solutions for image sensors used in next-generation mobile devices. The technology enables very low profile camera modules while significantly reducing assembly yield loss from contamination, providing OEMs with greater design flexibility and an innovative tool in the development of thinner mobile devices. The SHELLCASE RT solution enables one the thinnest, most cost-effective form factors for image sensor packaging with JEDEC Level 1 reliability, while the SHELLCASE CF solution provides a high-yield, low-cost alternative to traditional chip-on-board packaging.

About Tessera
Tessera Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry. Tessera provides a broad range of advanced packaging, interconnect, and consumer optics solutions that are widely adopted in high-growth markets, including consumer, computing, communications, medical, and defense electronics. Tessera's customers include the world's top semiconductor companies, such as Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Micron, and Infineon. Tessera is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For information, call 408-894-0700.

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