Tessera Introduces Enhanced Packaging for Image Sensors

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Tessera Technologies Inc., a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, announced SHELLCASE RT, "one of the world's thinnest," wafer-level chip-size packaging (WLCSP) technologies developed to provide key benefits to OEMs and others developing advanced electronics that integrate cameras.

Built upon Tessera's foundational wafer-level encapsulation technology, SHELLCASE RT delivers high yields by protecting image sensors and other optical devices from contamination from the initial stage of packaging. In addition, the platform's enhanced reliability is engineered to open new market opportunities, such as the use of cameras in harsh environments, including automotive electronics. As one of the thinnest (~500 microns) WLCSPs available on the market today, SHELLCASE RT also enables low-profile camera modules, providing OEMs greater design flexibility and a powerful tool in developing thinner portable electronics.

SHELLCASE RT is a member of Tessera's industry-leading SHELLCASE technology family and leverages Tessera's established SHELLCASE OP and SHELLCASE OC technologies. According to analyst firm Prismark, in 2006, approximately 225 million image sensors will be packaged in Tessera's SHELLCASE technology, representing an approximate increase of 96% over 2005. According to market research firm Techno Systems Research, the market for image sensors within camera phones alone is expected to more than double from approximately 413 million units in 2005 to 940 million units in 2009. This represents a significant future growth opportunity for Tessera's technologies.

Through the introduction of SHELLCASE RT and SHELLCASE CF—a high-yielding wafer-level solution Tessera announced in July of 2006 that is fully compatible with conventional chip-on-board processes—the company is offering a range of advanced technologies designed to address a broader set of applications and markets.

Mike Bereziuk, Tessera's Executive Vice President, Product Division, stated, "We are excited to be expanding our wafer-level technology offering with the introduction of SHELLCASE RT, an advanced WLCSP technology designed to enable our customers to build higher yielding, lower profile camera modules for products that integrate a camera, such as camera phones, PDAs, laptops, and automotive-based electronics. SHELLCASE RT, combined with SHELLCASE CF, which we introduced earlier this year, enables Tessera to offer a full suite of advanced wafer-level solutions that address the majority of the image sensor market. The breadth and depth of our SHELLCASE technology family illustrates our commitment to support our customers in meeting the rigorous requirements of imaging in electronics today."

SHELLCASE RT Technology Overview
The primary application for SHELLCASE RT today is image sensors integrated into camera phones and consumer electronics. SHELLCASE RT is designed to provide high assembly yields, largely irrespective of the imager's resolution or pixel size, through the use of its innovative encapsulation method, which protects the sensor's imaging area from contamination by a glass cover at the initial stage of packaging. SHELLCASE RT also meets JEDEC MSL 1 reliability standards, addressing the more stringent reliability requirements of a broader range of applications, such as automotive electronics. At approximately 0.5 mm in thickness, SHELLCASE RT is engineered to meet the industry's increasing demand for ultra-thin electronics. As compared with SHELLCASE OC, the platform also accommodates narrow scribe lines (down to 100 micron) as well as smaller and finer pitch bond pads.

Tessera is currently licensing this technology to interested parties. In addition, Tessera is offering related services, such as technology transfer and training. Prototype samples for evaluation are available. For additional information, please go to the company's Web site.

About Tessera Technologies Inc.
Tessera Technologies is a leading provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry. Tessera enables new levels of miniaturization and performance by applying its unique expertise in the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of materials and interconnect. As a result, Tessera's technologies are widely adopted in high-growth markets, including consumer, computing, communications, medical and defense. Tessera's customers include the world's top semiconductor companies, such as Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Micron, and Infineon. Tessera is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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