Teslonix launches SmartRFpower

Ottawa, Canada -- Wireless charging technology provider Teslonix proudly launches its innovative SmartRFpower development platform to showcase how the technology enhances IoT/RFID systems and empowers commercial and industrial IoT installations. SmartRFpower capabilities include; locating and tracking devices in real-time, wirelessly energizing and recharging batteries and establishing communication channels to move data in-and-out of electronic devices.

SmartRFpower technology can be integrated into new or existing products to create a value-added solution that can locate, track and manage large deployments of wireless sensors, RFID tags and low power electronic devices. The technology scales to cover varying venue sizes and is well suited to applications in retail, healthcare, manufacturing and warehousing. For engineering and product development teams who want to explore the features and benefits of this technology a SmartRFpower evaluation kit is now available.

“By offering the SmartRFpower evaluation kit to innovative product designers and engineers we are hoping to inspire them to explore the full potential of this amazing technology which could bring new functionality to their products”, said Teslonix CEO Paul Slaby. The evaluation kit is of particular interest to those looking to include added functionality to mobile devices, wearables, inventory management, asset tracking, access control or material handling systems. Contact Teslonix for information and instructions on how to order your kit.

For more details:

Ontario, Canada
Call: +1 613-699-1485
Email: [email protected]
Visit: http://www.teslonix.com

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