Terminal Strips Comply With Revised DIN 60335-1 Glow Wire Standard

Terminal Strips Comply With Revised DIN 60335-1 Glow Wire Standard
Wieland Electric Inc.

Wieland Electric now offers its comprehensive range of Europa terminal strip connectors with an enhanced housing material that complies with revised glow wire testing standards. The new version is constructed using an improved polyamide material that provides the extended flammability protection required to meet the DIN 60335-1 standard for consumer appliances, which includes enhanced glow wire flammability test requirements. The components are screw-clamp connectors, available with one to 12 connections in five different sizes to accommodate a range of current ratings and wire gauges including Type 4 (up to 20A/600V for 22 – 14AWG), Type 6 (up to 20A/600V for 22 – 12AWG), Type 10 (up to 40A/600V for 22 – 10AWG), Type 16 (up to 65A/600V for 22 – 8AWG), and Type 20 (up to 75A/600V for 22 – 4AWG). Additionally, all of the connector types are available with an optional protective guard inside the clamping body to prevent damage to the connected wire. For more information, visit http://www.wielandinc.com/en-us/products/terminal-strips  

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