Terion Launches FleetView 3T for Tracking and Monitoring Tankers

PLANO, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ Terion, an industry leader in trailer fleet management systems, announced the launch of FleetView 3T, a product line extension specifically designed for managing tanker trailers. At the same time, Terion also announced the signing of its first FleetView 3T customer, an established fleet with more than 1000 tankers.

FleetView 3T: The Smarter Tanker Management Solution

  • Improves utilization by helping operators deploy tankers to the customers that need them.


  • Increases efficiency by ensuring that empty tankers are quickly moved to filling facilities for faster redeployment.


  • Improves customer service by notifying customers in advance when tankers are approaching replacement levels (via an optional gas pressure transducer).

"The FleetView 3 technology platform was developed to accommodate all kinds of asset types and to support many different sensors," said Terion President and CEO Ken Cranston. "Terion now offers products to track and manage dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, domestic intermodal containers, and tankers. Using FleetView 3 technology, customers can gather information from cargo sensors, door sensors, Tractor ID devices, tire pressure sensors, and gas pressure sensors. It's a complete product line that reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of the transportation industry."

About FleetView 3
FleetView 3 is a comprehensive trailer fleet management system that helps transportation companies maximize operating efficiencies. The product communicates real-time trailer location and event status when the trailer is tethered or untethered, and provides an accurate record of loaded or unloaded status by way of a patented Cargo Sensor. Typical benefits associated with FleetView include an increase in trailer utilization and a reduced trailer-to-tractor ratio.

The technology behind FleetView 3 combines a high-bandwidth digital wireless path with intelligent messaging and sensor capabilities. The design also incorporates GPS and digital CDMA cellular technology for seamless coverage. Using patented Terion hardware and software, information is delivered to the user over the Internet and/or through integration with popular dispatch applications. A unique feature to FleetView 3 is that it also supports over-the-air software downloads for upgrades and enhancements, which eliminates the time and expense associated with taking a trailer out of service. FleetView 3 can be installed on dry vans, flatbeds, domestic Intermodal containers, tankers, and refrigerated trailers, which can be monitored remotely.

About Terion Inc.
Terion Inc. is a leading two-way wireless data communication and information solution provider for mobile and remote business-to-business applications focusing on the transportation industry. Terion provides value-added products and services, robust application content software accessed through the Internet, and reliable, high-quality hardware designed specifically for its target markets. Terion uses u-blox GPS technology to power its hardware platform.

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