Temperature Sensor Secures Ablation Systems

Temperature Sensor Secures Ablation Systems

The micro IRt/c.SV infrared, non-contact temperature sensor is said to play a crucial role in maintaining consistent probe temperature for the NeuWave Certus 140 2.45 GHz Ablation System. The soft-tissue ablation system employs CO2 cylinders to ensure the probe shaft remains cool when delivering microwave energy to the target lesion. The temperature sensor is an essential part in the cooling system for measuring the CO2 tank’s temperature, to gauge its capacity and ensure sufficient pressure during procedures. Due to its small size, the IRt/c.SV can mount vertically and unobtrusively. Since it is a non-contact sensor, its location on the cart remains constant, eliminating the risk of misaligning cylinders during replacement and ensuring an accurate and consistent temperature read. Additionally, the sensor’s less-than 50-ms response time ensures no downtime in temperature detection following cylinder replacement. For more details and datasheets, visit http://www.exergenglobal.com/index.php/en/sensors/micro

Exergen Corp.
Watertown, MA

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