Temperature Sensor Pairs High Accuracy And Ultra-low Power In Small Package

Temperature Sensor Pairs High Accuracy And Ultra-low Power In Small Package
ams AG

Achieving reliable pinpoint accuracy and extremely low power consumption in a compact package measuring 1.6 mm x 1 mm, the AS6200 temperature sensor typically consumes 6 μA while operating at a measurement rate of 4 samples per second. The device’s digital measurement outputs are accurate to ±0.4°C. Factory calibrated, it consists of a silicon bandgap sensor, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a digital signal processor (DSP), and an I2C interface. The on-chip DSP handles all linearization and calibration, producing a 12-bit (0.0625°C resolution) binary output. Operating from a supply range of 1.8V to 3.6V, the AS6200 draws 1.5 μA at a measurement rate of 1 sample. In stand-by mode, it draws 0.1 μA typical. The conversion rate can be set from 0.25 Hz to 8 Hz. At lower conversion frequencies, power consumption is lower. The AS6200 is available immediately in production volumes. Unit pricing is €0.49 ($0.62) each/1,000. For more information and a video demo, respectively, visit:


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