Temperature Sensor Embeds Into ASIC Designs

Moortec Semiconductor unveils its embedded temperature sensor based on TSMC’s 16-nm FF+ and FFC processes. The TSMC 16FFC/FF+ sensor is described as a high-precision, low-power junction temperature sensor developed to be embedded into ASIC designs. The company’s belief is that in-chip monitoring has become a vital factor in the design and performance optimization of small-geometry designs.

Using such monitors embedded within System on Chip (SoC) designs allows for greater dynamic performance optimization and device reliability as sensing die temperature, detecting logic speed, and monitoring voltage supply levels can be used intelligently to vary system clock frequencies and the voltage levels of supply domains. As per Moortec’s managing director, Stephen Crosher, “There is now a critical need for reliable and accurate in-chip thermal monitoring for semiconductor geometries of 16nm and below. Embedded PVT monitoring is an emerging market and we are supporting TSMC’s customers with our innovative thermal sensing circuit technology.” For more details, visit http://www.moortec.com/page/13/analog-IP



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