Temperature Notification System from MadgeTech

Temperature Notification System from MadgeTech
MadgeTech Inc.

MadgeTech Inc., Contoocook, NH, offers the Therm-A-lert temperature monitoring and alarm system for refrigerators, freezers, and incubators. The system can monitor a single temperature location or be expanded to include multiple locations in a building by adding additional transmitters. The battery-powered miniature wireless temperature transmitter transmits data and records at set intervals. Alarms can be sent via text message or email. The RFRTDTemp101A has an RTD sensor and can include the probe mounted in a miniature bottle filled with ethylene glycol.

Contact Info

Company: MadgeTech Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 603-456-2011
Fax: 603-456-2012

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