Telit, Lifesafer Provide Wireless Breath Alcohol Device

RALEIGH, NC -- Telit Wireless Solutions, the North American technology arm of Telit Communications PLC, announced that its CC864-DUAL cellular M2M module will provide wireless connectivity for the FC100 Wireless Ignition Interlock with camera and GPS from LifeSafer, allowing law enforcement authorities to monitor DUI offenders in real time and keep drunk drivers off the road.

Updating its legacy device with cellular capabilities, LifeSafer incorporates Telit technology into its FC100 to wirelessly and securely transmit daily reports, immediately notify authorities of offenders who exceed alcohol limits, and contact emergency responders if a user attempts to circumvent the device.

Court-mandated ignition interlock programs require DUI offenders to provide a BrAC (breath alcohol content) sample below a preset limit before the vehicle can be started. With previous devices, authorities would have to wait 30 to 60 days before the DUI offender could upload monitoring information during a scheduled visit.

"By equipping the FC100 with Telit's wireless technology, we are now able to provide law enforcement agencies with the ability to monitor DUI offenders in real-time and immediately respond to incidents, keeping both the driver and other motorists safe," said Richard Freund, founder of LifeSafer. "Telit's compact modules were seamlessly integrated into our existing product and provide the highly reliable cellular connectivity critical to its effectiveness."

Enabled by the Telit CC864-DUAL module with GPS capabilities, authorities can view data instantly online with the LifeSafer Plus system, including all logged and time-stamped photographs, driver locations, BrAC levels, retest results and tampering attempts.

"LifeSafer's interlock device demonstrates that M2M technology can make a great impact not only on the user but also contribute to the greater good of society," said Mike Ueland, vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. "This solution provides greater value and functionality for law enforcement officers in monitoring DUI offenders and incentivizes these drivers to avoid risky behavior, ultimately making the roads safer for everyone."

With its ultra-compact design, and extended operating temperature range of –30° C to 80°C, Telit's CC864-DUAL is the perfect platform for medium-to-high-volume M2M applications and mobile data and computing devices. In addition to other value-added features, the CC864-DUAL incorporates standalone GPS and gpsOne capabilities for applications in mobile environments such as telematics, personal and asset tracking, as well as over-the-air maintenance and management of software in the module to protect customer investments.

Telit offers customer assistance and information exchange for device designs in the Telit Online Technical Support Forum, an open developers platform that also serves as an invaluable technical knowledge database for the entire M2M community.

About LifeSafer
LifeSafer is the premier provider of breath alcohol ignition interlocks and other alcohol monitoring technologies and services. Its interlock devices are the most widely used in the U.S and have assisted hundreds of state, county and local judiciaries, law enforcement agencies and legal professionals throughout the U.S in the fight against drinking and driving.

About Telit
Telit Wireless Solutions, a subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM), is an internationally leading specialist in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. Telit is the only company worldwide to offer communications modules for all of the various wireless technologies: it develops, produces and markets modules for GSM/GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/WEDGE/HSDPA, CDMA and Short-Range RF applications. M2M applications rationalize business processes by enabling machines, equipment and vehicles to communicate with each other via mobile networks.

Telit products are used all over the world and marketed via Telit's offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Poland, Spain, the Republic of South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA. Telit's global distributor network comprises specialists in wireless technologies and enhances the customer experience in over 56 countries worldwide.