Telit Announces GPS/GLONASS Module For Navigation Devices

Raleigh, NC -- Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM), a global leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless technology, announced a new dual GPS/GLONASS module that dramatically improves navigation performance by providing access to both the Russian GLONASS global navigation satellite system and U.S. GPS.

Telit Location Solutions' new Jupiter SL869 provides three times the usual satellite visibility by accessing to up to 22 satellites compared to the six or eight satellites normally available through standard GPS, providing optimum performance for any navigation application, from personal and asset tracking to automotive solutions.

The Jupiter SL869 reduces the delay from several minutes to seconds for a navigation device to acquire its position after being powered on. The module also reduces the incidence of lost satellite coverage, especially problematic in urban areas with tall buildings, by enabling additional satellite fixes that reduces blind spots. Finally, the module enables more accurate positioning, better "pinning" a person, car or an asset's true location on a digital map.

"Accessing the combined GPS/GLONASS constellations is a major step forward in navigation, providing the best satellite geometry to obtain the most accurate position possible more often," said George Arnott, vice president, Telit Location Solutions, a business unit of Telit. "The difference in performance between standard GPS and GPS/GLONASS is like night and day. Telit is proud to be one of the first OEM module providers to offer this innovation to the global market."

With the identical form factor of previous product generations, the Jupiter SL869 can easily replace standard GPS modules in devices and applications. The product also features "automatic jamming immunity," automatically blocking up to eight radio frequency interferers, increasing the performance of the GPS.

"With its first official product launch under the Telit umbrella, Telit Location Solutions has released a leading-edge navigation module that's destined to have a major impact on the GPS industry," said Oozi Cats, CEO of Telit. "As with all Telit products, customers will also receive premier global support from design to deployment."

Formerly known as Navman Wireless OEM before being acquired by Telit in January 2012, Telit Location Solutions has more than 20 years of experience serving the GPS market and has sold millions of its high-performance Jupiter GPS modules worldwide.

About Telit
Telit Wireless Solutions, a subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM), is an internationally leading specialist in wireless machine-to-machine (m2m) technology. Telit is the only company worldwide to offer communications modules for all of the various wireless technologies: it develops, produces and markets modules for GSM/GPRS, EDGE, UMTS/WEDGE/HSPA, CDMA and Short-Range RF applications. M2M applications rationalize business processes by enabling machines, equipment and vehicles to communicate with each other via mobile networks.

Telit products are used all over the world and marketed via Telit's offices in Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Poland, Spain, the Republic of South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA. Telit's global distributor network comprises specialists in wireless technologies and enhances the customer experience in over 56 countries worldwide.

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