Telemetry System Offers Cost Effective Remote Monitoring

Telemetry System Offers Cost Effective Remote Monitoring
SignalFire Telemetry

The SignalFire Remote Sensing System provides cost effective remote monitoring of well pad tubing and casing pressures in upstream oil and gas fields in challenging, large-scale environments. The system consists of a gateway and remote nodes that interface with a wide variety of sensors, transmitters, and actuators using industry standard interfaces. Reportedly, it is significantly less expensive that an equivalent wired system, particularly if trenching is required. Tubing and casing pressures as well as heater-treater temperatures, gas flare temperatures, tank levels, flows, well shut-in, RTUs and other oilfield measurements and controls can be seamlessly integrated into a single system using the SignalFire Telemetry equipment. For further details, visit  

SignalFire Telemetry
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Company: SignalFire Telemetry
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