Telelogic Introduces Automotive Design Environment

MALMO, Sweden & IRVINE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News: Telelogic (STO:TLOG) announced Rhapsody For Automotive , the first UML and SysML-based solution of its kind specifically designed and customized to address the needs of automotive systems engineers and software developers of automotive electronics. This flexible solution adapts to the fast changes and diverse needs of engineers designing telematics, infotainment, powertrain, chasis, comfort and body electronic control units (ECUs).

Based on Telelogic's leading model driven development (MDD) environment, Rhapsody For Automotive offers automotive engineers advanced architectural design capabilities through UML and SysML to better address the increasing complexity of today's automotive electronic systems and software. With Rhapsody For Automotive, organizations developing systems and software for the automotive industry can enjoy the benefits of MDD with a solution that supports automotive industry standards, such as AUTOSAR, MISRA C and OSEK. In addition, Rhapsody For Automotive supports the various standard automotive communication buses while allowing engineers to continue to leverage the benefits found in their existing algorithmic modeling tools, such as The MathWorks Simulink and Telelogic Statemate.

"As in other highly competitive embedded systems markets, VDC continues to see automotive product manufacturers challenged in bringing increasingly complex designs with new features and rapidly increasing software content to market in a manner that will not jeopardize product reliability. This industry also faces constrained software development and bill of materials budgets," says Matt Volckmann, senior analyst with VDC's embedded software practice. "Telelogic has been closely involved with AUTOSAR, has added a number of new tool features specific to the automotive industry, and its Rhapsody product allows for versatile integration of other application development and lifecycle management products, including the widely used Simulink tool suite. As a result, the company's Rhapsody for Automotive offering is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of automotive customers looking for advanced UML/SysML-based model-driven development environments."

Customized to address the automotive industry's specific design and implementation challenges, Rhapsody For Automotive builds upon Telelogic's history of supporting the automotive development lifecycle by offering a solution that:

  • Supports leading industry standards - Rhapsody For Automotive is the only SysML/UML based Model Driven Development environment that supports the following standards:
    • AUTOSAR - Rhapsody For Automotive supports the AUTOSAR standard via a profile that allows automotive systems engineers to capture an AUTOSAR Systems Model using a profile based on UML/SysML, while importing and exporting AUTOSAR XML for data exchange with other solutions in the process (Telelogic is a Premium member of AUTOSAR);
    • CAN, MOST, LIN and FlexRay - Rhapsody For Automotive provides engineers with the ability to model using abstract messages that are later mapped to the actual bus messages;
    • MISRA C - Rhapsody For Automotive enables systems and software engineers to generate compliant code by using the MISRA C modeling profile;
    • OSEK - Rhapsody For Automotive further allows automotive systems engineers and software developers to generate code that targets an OSEK compliant operating system.


  • Complements existing solutions - Rhapsody For Automotive is the only UML/SysML based MDD environment that allows engineers to integrate computational algorithms captured in The MathWorks Simulink, as well as functional behaviors captured in Telelogic Statemate and protocols such as Bluetooth captured in Telelogic SDL Suite. This integration enables engineers - from an architectural standpoint - to use the best tool for each part of the design and maintain IP capture in these solutions from previous designs.


  • Seamlessly integrates with requirements management and configuration management solutions - Rhapsody For Automotive lets engineers use Requirements Management solutions such as Telelogic DOORS and Siemens UGS Teamcenter, while allowing them to elaborate these requirements in a model using Use Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams and Requirement Diagrams. Additionally, Rhapsody For Automotive offers integration capabilities with Telelogic Synergy or any SCCI compliant Configuration Management product.


  • Reduces development complexity - by defining physical, functional and software architectures in a graphical manner, Rhapsody For Automotive simplifies the design and test process while accelerating code reuse.


  • Enhances communication - Rhapsody For Automotive uses standard graphics that significantly enhance communication among development teams, as well as with suppliers, who play a key role in the automotive development process.


  • Reduces development time - Rhapsody For Automotive uses automation, including test execution and results, as well as generation of documentation and code, to help improve process efficiencies and shorten development cycles often faced by today's automotive developers.

"Today's cars and trucks, which are becoming more like 'local area networks on wheels,' are complex systems comprised of intricate and innovative software architectures," said Greg Sikes, Executive Vice President, Modeling Solutions at Telelogic. "To address the automotive industry's unique requirements, it is crucial for developers and engineers to have access to capabilities that help them align design goals with specified requirements in a timely and efficient manner. Rhapsody For Automotive has been specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive software developers and systems engineers, enabling them to take a Model Driven Development approach that has been demonstrated to reduce engineering costs and time-to-market."

Rhapsody For Automotive will be available October 10, 2007.

About Telelogic Rhapsody
Rhapsody is the industry's leading UML 2.1 and OMG SysML 1.0-based Model Driven Development environment for real-time systems and software engineering. With advanced capabilities to extend UML 2.1, Rhapsody allows both function-oriented and object-oriented design techniques to co-exist in one environment. Rhapsody has won numerous awards including the Best in Show award at the Embedded Systems Conferences in San Francisco and Boston from VDC; the SD Times 100 for the third year in a row by taking top honors in the Modeling category; and the Model Driven Development Focus of the Embedded Development Arena award. Rhapsody is endorsed by Embedded Market Forecasters as the tool of choice for C developers, and has received the Embedded Award for Software at Embedded World 2007 for the Rhapsody AUTOSAR Pack.

About Telelogic
Telelogic is the leading global provider of software solutions for Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM). Award-winning Telelogic software helps customers design, develop, and deliver the world's most advanced and innovative products, systems, and software more efficiently by aligning and optimizing development lifecycles and business processes with business objectives and customer needs. Telelogic helps customers improve quality and predictability while reducing time-to-market and overall costs. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden with U.S. headquarters in Irvine, CA, Telelogic conducts business in more than 40 countries. More than one third of the Fortune Global 500 companies use Telelogic software including market-leading aero/defense, automotive, financial services, software/electronic and telecommunications companies and governments worldwide.