Teledyne LeCroy Updates 12 Gb/s SAS Analyzer Platform to Support Active Optical Cables

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Teledyne LeCroy has updated its flagship SAS/SATA Protocol Analyzer platform to support Active Optical Cables (AOC) and SAS Connectivity Management. SAS optical cabling enables box-to-box connectivity of up to 100 meters allowing improved scalability and capacity for large scale deployments.

"This update to Teledyne LeCroy's flagship SAS and SATA analyzer platform helps support the external RAID and Server OEMs that require longer reach for SAS-based storage applications," said Michael Romm, General Manager at Teledyne LeCroy's Protocol Solutions Group. "Addressing the broadest range of applications is a hallmark of the Sierra SAS/SATA test platform. The new M124A fills an important role within the 12Gb/s SAS ecosystem by allowing developers to test external storage connections that utilize active copper and active optical cables."

SAS Connectivity Management is a related initiative that defines a mechanism for devices to automatically discover cabling attributes by reading an embedded EEPROM within the Mini SASHD (SFF-8644) external cable housing. The Sierra M124A analyzer can also read the embedded EEPROM data within these cables and display key fields including length, width, part number, and transmitter technology.

The updated Sierra M124A SAS/SATA protocol verification platform supports the use of optical cables in all configurations including analyzer, jammer, and traffic generator modes. The Sierra M124A system is available for immediate shipment.

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