Teledyne LeCroy Announces Voyager M310C USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Teledyne LeCroy introduces the Voyager M310C USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System. The Voyager M310C joins Teledyne LeCroy's broad line-up of industry leading USB tools. USB Type-C brings several significant improvements over the current USB A-B cables and connectors including reversible plug orientation, support for the latest 3.1 specification with speeds up to 10Gbps and the ability to deliver greater amounts of power up to 100 watts.

Leveraging Teledyne LeCroy's extensive experience in USB and high speed serial data analysis users will benefit from the familiar and easy to use CATC Trace. The Voyager M310C system employs Teledyne LeCroy's T.A.P.3 non-intrusive probing technology allowing for 100% accurate protocol capture, fast signal locking and very little loss and jitter. Voyager M310C users' validation and debug efforts are aided by the 16GB of recording memory, intelligent triggering, real time filtering, error detection and unprecedented functionality and accuracy.

The Voyager M310C is a multifunction platform with integrated USB Exerciser option supporting both host and device emulation up to 10Gbps line speed, which allows the user to transmit custom packets with low-level control of headers, payloads, timing and link states and error injection. Along with Type-C connectors, the Voyager M310C supports power delivery in analyzer and exerciser modes, including the ability to act as either source or sink as a power delivery end point.

The Voyager Compliance Software supports both SuperSpeed (5Gbps) and SuperSpeed+ (10Gbps) and provides comprehensive Link Layer testing and verification of hosts and devices.

"High-quality test solutions are critical to the success of designs implementing USB Type-C connectivity, 10 Gbps speeds and power delivery features," said Eric Huang, Senior Product Marketing Manager for USB at Synopsys. "Using Synopsys DesignWare® USB 3.1 IP with Teledyne LeCroy's Voyager M310C USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System enables designers to incorporate USB 3.1 functionality into their SoCs with significantly less risk and faster time-to-market."

Pricing and Availability

Currently available and starting at $33,950.00 USD, the Voyager M310C is also offered in USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (5Gbps) configurations, and is fully upgradeable to USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ (10Gbps).

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