Tele Radio Launches Whole New Type Of Radio Remote Control

GOTHENBURG, Sweden -- The new Tiger tablet transmitter from Tele Radio is compatible with all existing receivers in the Tiger product family. This new product consists of a tablet control interface combined with our analogue button transmitter TG-T14-7. All combined in a robust shell that unifies the products. The tablet display portion can display crucial system data, camera feeds or present another layer of control interface. The tablet will interface with an existing PLC/PC through Wi-Fi and the built in remote control will connect with the receiver through radio communication. Since our Tiger system is SIL3/PLe certified the user will retain the security that the stop function offers regardless of the status of the Wi-Fi.

Tablet has full freedom of use with any app or web-browser solution available. This means the customer can integrate any previous digital solutions into the tablet controller.

The product will be available in 433 and 915 MHz and with Apple and Android app platforms.

The Tiger Tablet will be introduced at the Bauma fair in Germany starting April 11th. For more details and specs, go to

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