Telco Systems Wins Another Cybersecurity Award for Protecting SDN and NFV Infrastructure

MANSFIELD, MA -- Telco Systems has won the Cybersecurity Excellence Award in the category for SDN/NFV Security. Telco Systems received this award recognition for its innovative NFV CyberGuard solution protecting SDN and NFV infrastructures against cyberattacks.

SDN and NFV networks are open, software-based and designed to be remotely programmed and controlled with distributed architecture, which create inherent security vulnerabilities, including ongoing threats of cybersecurity related attacks. NFV CyberGuard is a cyber security solution purposely designed to protect SDN and NFV infrastructures used by telcos and other communications service providers. The solution combines advanced networking probes, NFVI agents, smart dedicated big data analytics engine, and monitoring and enforcement modules.

NFV CyberGuard can be deployed as a virtualized network function (NFVi) and provides complete visibility of the entire network, real-time analysis of network threats and the ability to apply cybersecurity policies to the entire infrastructure.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognizes the world's best cybersecurity products, individuals and organizations. It is an independent awards program produced in cooperation with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the experience of over 300,000+ cybersecurity professionals.

Telco Systems and its NFV CyberGuard solution also recently won the Best Security Products and Solutions for Telecommunications at the Global Excellence Awards.

To learn more about how Telco Systems is helping reduce the security vulnerabilities inherent to SDN and NFV technologies and infrastructures, download a whitepaper on Protecting SDN and NFV Networks from Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities at

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