Tekscan Launches New Website

Boston, MA - Tekscan has launched their new website and complete rebrand of both the company and individual divisions. Each division emerged with a unique identity that utilizes an updated color palette, design scheme, new product photography, and messaging – all of which can be seen at Tekscan’s digital home, http://www.tekscan.com

Tekscan manufactures force and pressure sensors and systems. The technology provides their customers with actionable information to optimize product design and improve research outcomes. In addition, OEM design engineers embed the technology into a product to create unique and differentiated products.

Customers were the driving force behind the new website. The company received feedback that although the former site was information rich, users found it challenging to easily find products and solutions to meet their needs. The new site was redesigned with the goal of addressing this feedback while improving overall user experience, navigation, and accessibility of key content.

Enhanced Features

The Test and Measurement and Embedded Sensing areas of the site have particularly benefited from this new structure. Customers are now able to access a complete view and comparison of force sensor options and a comprehensive pressure sensor database, with enhanced filter and search functionality. Users are able to pinpoint a sensor to an appropriate application or product specification.

Additional updates include:

• Library of use-case scenarios and resources
• A streamlined purchasing process for off-the-shelf standard products
• Responsive, mobile/tablet-friendly browsing

Full Product Breadth for Engineers

Kerry Sullivan, Director of Marketing Communications said, “Tekscan is the largest manufacturer of patented tactile force and pressure sensing solutions and our new website reinforces our vast product portfolio. Whether a customer is looking for a simple, off-the-shelf force sensor, a pressure mapping system, or a custom sensing solution, we are able to meet their needs. Our site now allows our customers to easily access a wealth of information, whether they are looking for test and measurement solutions or designing a product that utilizes our force sensing technology.”

Tekscan has a full product breadth for all Test and Measurement and Embedded Sensing needs. The company has vast experience in applications such as tire and automotive, medical devices, electrical components/semiconductor, robotics, printing and packaging, control and diagnostic tools, web/converting, sports and fitness, and more.

For more, visit http://www.tekscan.com

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