Tekmos Introduces the TK68HC811E2 rated at 175C' for Extreme Environments

AUSTIN, TX -- Tekmos, Inc. has introduced the TK68HC811E2, with an operating temperature rating up to 175 degrees C. Tekmos president, Lynn Reed, says "this high temperature microprocessor is our first of a series of hot chips" and will be featured at the upcoming International Conference and Exhibition on High Temperature Electronics (HiTEC) May 13-15, 2014 inAlbuquerque, NM where Tekmos is a sponsor.

The forum gives attendees opportunities for presenting leading high temperature electronics research results and application requirements. Reed will also present The Effects of Repeated Refresh Cycles on the Oxide Integrity of EEPROM Memories at High Temperature.

The TK68HC811E2 is used in the oil and gas industry and for some military applications. Reed commented that the TK68HC811E2 device is rated to more than 70 degrees higher than most microprocessors used in industry today. The TK68HC811E2 is available for sample and production requirements and is offered in a 48 pin ceramic package.

Tekmos offers a sustainable advantage to its customers in the oil and gas drilling industry. The TK68HC811E2 has been developed using special high temperature processes to meet the needs of the oil & gas, aerospace, automotive and industrial markets. While designed for ASIC and Mixed Signal Products, any of the Tekmos microcontrollers or standard products can be made available using these processes.

Availability: The TK68HC811E2 is available now.

For more details, visit http://www.tekmos or contact [email protected]

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