TEDS Accelerometer Handles Satellite Ground Vibration Testing

TEDS Accelerometer Handles Satellite Ground Vibration Testing
PCB Piezotronics Inc.

Suitable for multiple apps, i.e., sine, random, shaker shock, etc., the Model 352A57 miniature accelerometer weighs 1.3g and is TEDS enabled. The component offers a 2.5 mV/g output over a 2-kg dynamic range and a low-noise resolution of 0.001grms. It is also hermetically sealed, making it suitable for low outgassing thermal vacuum chamber environments. Other features include a shear mode ceramic element, an ICP internal electronic design, a side mounted 5-44 electrical coaxial connector, and adhesive mounting. The IEEE P1451.4 standard in the TEDS feature self-identifies the accelerometer and describes the type, operation and its attributes, making it easy for the user to track. A datasheet is available for you viewing pleasure at https://www.pcb.com/Products.aspx?m=352A57  

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