tecsis Inclination Sensor Determines Angle Relative To Horizon

The Model LPI inclination sensor from tecsis LP measures inclination in the X, Y, or both X and Y directions (2-dimensional), elements used to measure the tilt angle of objects with respect to the horizontal. The sensor can be configured to provide dynamic or static incline or tilt angles between 0° to 360° (single axis) or ±45° (dual axis) with a resolution of 0.01°. Pre-defined measuring ranges are selectable and switch outputs provide control based on limit angles. Ready for use in harsh industrial environments and outdoor areas, the LPI comes in a rugged IP67-rated aluminum housing and is stable across ambient temperatures from -40° to +185°F with no gravitational error. Standard output is CSA approved intrinsically safe 4 mA to 20 mA, with 0-5 Vdc and CANopen is also available. Prices for the Model LPI start from $1,196. A datasheet is available at http://www.tecsis.us/uploads/media/Inclination-Sensor.pdf.

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