tecsis’ Force Measurement Div. Acquires Delta Metrics

COLUMBUS, OH/OFFENBACH, GERMANY -- In its first direct move into the North American force measurement sector, Germany-based tecsis GmbH has acquired the assets of Delta Metrics Inc. in Worthington, OH. A new US company, tecsis Corp., has been formed but the Delta Metrics brand name will be retained. Both tecsis and Delta Metrics are private companies, and the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Delta Metrics is a manufacturer of electro-mechanical transducers, with special expertise in the design, assembly and testing of advanced bonded foil strain gauge force transducers. Its standard and custom load cells are widely used in heavy industrial, material testing and oil & gas applications, where accuracy and reliability are critical.

Dr. Alex Khrakovsky, founder of Delta Metrics, welcomed "this important new partnership" and confirmed that he will remain as the company's President.

Tecsis' Force Measurement Division is growing rapidly. It manufactures and sells a wide range of innovative tension and compression force transducers and related products incorporating thin film sensors that are laser welded into the deformation bodies using proprietary technology. Tecsis transducers are successfully used across Europe and Asia in industrial, storage and lifting equipment, including presses, robots, silos and cranes.

Reinhold Ost, tecsis' President, commented that "although Delta Metrics is fairly young, it has already built a reputation for its technical solutions skills and customer responsiveness. The partnership will bring complementary technologies and global opportunities to both companies".

Paul Burnett, principal of the Chalcis Group and previously an ISA Division Director, represented tecsis GmbH in this transaction.

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