Technology From Seluxit Strengthens Husqvarna Group's IoT Offerings

COPENHAGEN -- Husqvarna Group has recently announced a collaboration with the Danish IoT firm, Seluxit. Seluxit has been providing hardware and software expertise in the areas of device connectivity, interoperability, and cloud data handling for its own smart garden concept under the Gardena brand which will be launched starting in 2016. This concept connects automatic watering and robotic lawn mowing in a unique way, and is managed by a smart phone application.

The collaboration is an important part of Husqvarna Group's Internet of Things strategy, which closely follows market developments. Husqvarna Group has already entered the market for connected devices with offerings for commercial lawn and garden services, and recognizes that the market will continue to develop over time, demanding increasingly sophisticated IoT services bundled with traditional products. Moreover the expectations will increasingly be on the interoperability between distinct products to achieve these sophisticated services.

"We build on expert knowledge and competence of solid technological partners with experience in the field. We need to be able to respond to market changes with corresponding technological developments,"says Sascha Menges, President of the Gardena Division within the Husqvarna Group."As the technological IoT landscape changes, Seluxit's technological agility is key."

Seluxit has a deep and specific knowledge of embedded IoT hardware, firmware, communication protocols, device interoperability and cloud platforms including extensive experience with driving emerging standards, all of which comes to bear in the collaboration with Husqvarna Group.

As Seluxit's CEO Daniel Lux explains, "our work with Husqvarna Group represents current best practice in IoT. We're providing Husqvarna Group with stable, proven technology that can be deployed quickly."

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