Technology Arrives to Support New Air Quality Regulations

DENVER, CO -- Colorado's new oil and gas well site emissions regulations will get a boost from technology developed by Cartasite, a Denver-based firm focused on realtime monitoring of remote sites and assets.

Today, Cartasite announces a new product, vaporLOCK, designed to monitor the oil and gas storage tanks, the single greatest source of well site methane emissions. There are tens of thousands of these tanks throughout the state located on virtually every producing well. Cartasite's vaporLOCK sensors use satellite networks to alert well operators in realtime if the tank is leaking.

The new vaporLOCK technology enables realtime monitoring of remote well sites empowering operators to respond immediately when a leak is detected and to take appropriate remedial actions. While sophisticated, the technology is very low cost and simple to deploy. Cartasite modified an existing satellite asset monitoring product, globalTAG™, enabling it to detect that a hatch on the tank may not be properly sealed. Data from this sensor streams into the worldVIEW, a realtime, geospatial dashboard, alerting operators to service the well.

Gov. Hickenlooper said at a press conference on the new air regulations that it will take the collaborative efforts of "everyone working together, that will help ensure Colorado's tomorrow is even brighter than today." vaporLOCK is a product of that collaboration.

"Last spring we began designing and field testing of the prototypes at the request of several large oil and gas companies in northeast Colorado," said David Armitage, CEO of Cartasite. "It has taken nearly a year to perfect and certify this important new technology. We are pleased that as these regulations have been approved, vaporLOCK is ready for large scale commercial deployment."

Cartasite, a Colorado corporation, was formed in 2004 with the goal of delivering practical technology solutions that enhance safety, security and operating efficiency for energy and natural resource corporations worldwide. Cartasite's customers rely on these realtime monitoring systems to produce results that impact their bottom line, save lives and protect the environment.

In addition to securing assets and ensuring the safety of remote workers, Cartasite is spearheading a revolution in vehicle operations that will make our highways safer, reduce fuel consumption, and lessen transportation's impact on the environment.

For more information, visit or call 303-865-3140.

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