Technologies for Future National Airspace System to be Evaluated

EAST SYRACUSE, NY /PRNewswire/ -- Sensis Corp. is partnering with federal and local government agencies, as well as with leading aviation companies, to identify and evaluate promising solutions for the transformation of the National Airspace System (NAS). Air travel is projected to grow substantially, doubling or tripling over the next twenty years. The current NAS must change substantially to safely accommodate such demand. Sensis, working with the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center, is collaborating with the FAA and the Joint Planning and Development Office to implement a next-generation air transportation system (NGATS) test bed to evaluate these potential solutions. Also included are Barco, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, and WSI Corp.

This NGATS Test Bed Demonstration Center is located at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH, and is connected to three airports that are also part of the partnership and representative of airports across the U.S. Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport is a towered mid-size facility attractive to business jets and on-demand air taxis. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is a large commercial-hub airport. Lorain County Regional Airport is a nontowered, single-runway general-aviation airport. These three airports are approximately 15 miles apart.

This NGATS Test Bed partnership will address a number of infrastructure and management challenges required to transform today's air transportation system to the performance-based NGATS vision. Advanced communications elements in the test bed will include provision of wireless data links for airport surface-traffic management, air-ground trajectory negotiation, and a common information-sharing and data-management network. Precise surveillance will be provided by the latest-generation integrated aviation surveillance system. Decision support tools and ATC automation components will be prototyped to implement and evaluate solutions for trajectory-based and super-density operations. Advanced applications will be addressed, including real-time negotiation of aircraft trajectories, remote virtual provision of airport tower ATC services, integrated management of airport-traffic movement, and automated safety alerts to the cockpits.

In early Spring 2007, Sensis will be sponsoring an Industry Day for companies interested in participating in future NGATS Test Bed activities.

About Sensis
Sensis Corp. provides sensors, information technology, simulation and modeling, and navigation technology to the world's militaries, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities, airports, and airlines. The company designs, manufactures, and installs Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS), multilateration systems, and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) ground stations for surface, terminal, and en-route surveillance, as well as precision runway monitoring and sensor data interface equipment for integrating new and legacy surveillance and automation systems. Sensis Corp.'s equipment is deployed around the world, including more than 750 sensors and more than 1100 sensor data interface devices in 25 countries on five continents. For more information regarding Sensis Corp., visit the company's Web site.

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